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Winter in the Khibiny

Beginning of the November marks the winter’s onset. By that time the land is covered by snow cover that will start melting after spring comes. By the end of winter season, in March and April, snow cover is the thickest - 50-70 cm. In mountain gorges and windless areas the snow cover can reach 2 meters thick. In the Khibiny wind likes to raise upper snow layer transforming mixture of air and snow powder into snowstorm. Usually snowstorms are in winter, in particular, in January and February, rarely in March.

Winter in the Khibiny

In mountains snowstorms can be observed even in summer. On the leeward slopes accumulate large amounts of snow, so the Khibiny Massif often avalanches. Snow avalanches are the real disaster for mountain areas.

Avalanche can ruin the well-built house, turn over the train, do harm to railway bed. Annually avalanches cause damage to national economy and private property. It can bring human losses. Snow cover thickness can reach 6-12 meters. Therefore, mountain hiking enthusiasts shall be careful. It is better to avoid downwind slopes of mountains, do not stay for overnight in such places, to be quiet. The moon can cause vibration, disturb the snow layer and induce the avalanche. It is necessary to learn safety recommendations in case of avalanche.

Sun light is vital not only for plants but animals and people. Agriculture needs warmth and favorable conditions for growing products in the fields, gardens, orchards. Short and cold summer does not contribute to vegetable production in the Khibiny. Despite of severe climate and unfavorable conditions there is still agricultural activity in the Kola peninsula. The most suitable time is the long Polar day. For the rest of the day good harvest can be collected in greenhouses and special nursery-gardens.

Unique climate of the Kola North creates specific conditions for human life and activities. Constant variations of the weather and cold wind gusts demands steel endurance and staying power from the inhabitants. And local people got accustomed to it. Life in the North is in full swing as in the South of the country. People learn to take from nature the best of everything and make peace with its mood. It is snowing – let it snow, thunderstorm-never mind, snowstorm - wait out. Heroism of the north citizens shall be duly appreciated. Tourists do not like the Kola peninsula due to its ever-lasting cold. They prefer warm sea coast. But inhabitants of the North know best how fascinating the Khibiny mountain ridge is and coastal cold arctic seas are. Special charm of the severe land will be open to travelers in case they prepare to fancies of the treacherous Khibiny weather.

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