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Winter tourism in the Khibiny

Winter in the Khibiny is snowy. Mild cold climate creates an ideal conditions for winter tourism. Therefore, the Khibiny mountains are famous not only by mineral mining but excellent ski bases, interesting excursions. Those who spend winter holidays skiing or snowboarding will certainly appreciate the surroundings of Kirovsk and Apatity. Kirovsk is literally surrounded by mountains. It is easy to find entertainment for any taste here. Downhill ski bases are located near the town, they have developed infrastructure. Snow routes can be found in mountains Aikuavenchorr and Kukisvumchorr.

Ski tourism in Hibiny

Ski tourism in Hibiny

The richest one in ski routes, famous Sleeping Beauty is Aikuavenchorr peak. Its slopes have routes and lifts of three mountain ski complexes - «Aikuai», «KolaSportLand» and «Bolshoi Vud'javr». The total length of the routes is about 30 kilometers. Here both amateurs and extreme sport lovers will find something to interest: there are routes of different level. Chair and T-bar lifts will take tourists up to the mountain.

Ski resort «Bolshoi Vud'javr» is named after the lake, dividing the Sleeping Beauty and Kirovsk. Length of ski routes is about 16 kilometers, some routes are lit by electricity. There are two lifts and 12 different routes.

«KolaSportLand» offers 4 lifts and cable-chair lift. Among routes of complex tourists prefer «Latvija» lift. Route length is 1300 meters.

«Aikuai» complex is located in the opposite slope from Kirovsk - Aikuavenchorr. Two lifts work without stops, lifting tourists by 550 meters. Routes have length of 3 kilometers.

Namesake mountain skiing complex is located in Kukisvumchorr mount. Routes of 8 kilometers length is steeper than long routes of Aikuavenchorr. Snowboard lovers enjoy Kukisvumchorr.

In Apatity there is a great place for skiing as well - Vorobyinaya mountain. Slope is protected against wind than routes in Kirovsk, therefore snow keeps here longer. This slope is more suitable for beginners, here the young sportsmen are training.

Extreme skiing lovers will like rocky mountain of Vud'javchorr. Under rock cliffs, in shallows the snow lay till the end of May. Especially desperate skiers go down by snow piles by risking to be covered by avalanche.

Downhill skiing resorts offer not only skiing and snowboarding but inflatable sledge and snowmobiles. Necessary outfit can be rented in the base, experienced coachers will teach the art of mountain maneuver: both children and grandparents.

Vacation in the Khibiny mountains is not only for downhill skiers or adrenalin-seekers. For peaceful relaxation one can spend time being surrounded by snowy mountains and mysterious northern people-Saami.

Ski tourism in Hibiny

Walking tours in winter are undesirable and dangerous. It is easier to drive snowmobiles that guides successfully make use of. There are organized snowmobile safari to Lovozero and Seidozero, to reindeer herders. One can learn to manage reindeer team, taste original Saami cuisine, know the everyday life of reindeer herders.

You can take snowmobile safari directly to the White Sea and then came back. Winter holidays in the Khibiny is of special color. Tourists can celebrate the New Year and spend holidays together with Saami in Krasnoschelye.

Christmas in the Khibiny is unique one. Among snow-capped mounts and deep gorges, surrounded by snow and reindeers winter festival will be really mysterious. No internet connection and telephone net in Krasnoschelye will allow tourists unite with the nature of the Khibiny.

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