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What to do if you meet a wolverine

Be off for travelling though forests or forest tundra one has to be emotionally and physically prepared for unexpected encounter with its inhabitants. They are minor in this wonderful place, to be precise, minor of those who can do real harm to human. One of these animals whose mind is a close book – is wolverine. Good-looking animal is a mystic and unstudied one. Canadian Indians consider wolverines cunny, strong and independent, the Saami believes that wolverine is an evil personification. Only time will tell who is right. Anyway wolverine can cause a real danger to humans. In order to exclude bad remembering about meeting this animal, try to learn about it more.

What to do if you meet a wolverine

Wolverine’s habits

It is the only representative of weasels and it is a predatory mammals. There are two subtypes on the earth, wolverine of the Northern America and Eurasia. Wherever it lives, its seat can be found in rock fractures, under trees pull-up by the roots or in hidden places.

Having good sleep at daytime, at night the wolverine is hunting. It has a delicate ear and keen sight it knows the way around at dark, hunting its prey from the back. In case, the potential kill is larger than wolverine, animal hunts from above, jumping from rock or tree.

Many negative situations can be avoided if one knows what to do. It is the case with wolverine. One can escape aggressiveness and injury knowing what to do.

Firstly, remember - try not to walk alone in the habitat of wolverines, especially at night. If you travel in two or a group of travelers studying the taiga or forest taiga there is a minor chance to be attacked by wolverine.

Secondly, approaching animal habitat, keep calm and do not attract much attention. Noise, funny picnic with many charming smells can result in «harsh» battle for provision.

Do not approach small wolverines or any other animal! Sometimes travelers cause aggressiveness of animals. Coming close to young generation, travelers became a high danger themselves. Any animal will attack unconsciously trying to protect its youngers from enemy.

In order to escape wolverine’s attack one has to take special repellent. It provides for protect yourself against animal’s bite as it can have rabies. If the animal wounded do not tempt the fortune and come close to it. In general, if you have few knowledge and skills of wolverine hunting, do not do this.

What if you have been attacked by wolverine

First of all, do not underestimate the power of this nice animal. Small fragile creature is a real vigilante for its rights. Large jaws and claws can overcome a bear. Therefore, wounds can become heavy injures and danger for life. If you face the animal do not stop the bleeding. Nobody knows what this animal is infected. Bleeding can help in a way to get rid of dangerous microorganisms.

Whatever the wound is, anyway, one should ask for the medical aid. But before this, one should take actions. If you have a laundry soap (at least, common toilet soap) and water , you have to prepare soap solution and wash the wound during 5-15 minutes. Time of washing depends on wound’s depth. The deeper the wound the more time it takes to wash.

After washing and treating the wound the traveler has to stop the trip and go to the nearest settlement and ask for medical aid. Remember, every minute counts!

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