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What to do if you meet a wolf

Be off for travelling though forest and steppe one has to be prepared to meet a wild animal. Nice picnic, fascinating walk in the forest gazing the natural beauty and breathing the purest forest air is very good but don’t lose countenance and be on guard. One can meet any animal there. In particular, the chance is strong to face wolf or wolf pack. Second option is more real as an animal displays aggressiveness having «support team» behind him. However, wolf being alone won’t show that it doesn’t see you. Be ready!

What to do if you meet a wolf

Reasons for wolf’s aggressiveness

Any animal won’t attack human by no reason. It is always some logic in it. In case of wolf, there are three explanations provided:

animal is infected by rubies, dingy wool, tail off and blearily sight, low head and dripping saliva - are the main characteristics of the disease. As a rule, this animal «travels» alone

wolf is hungry

animal tries to protect its babies

Anyway, there will be no time to learn the reasons for aggressiveness. The main at this moment is self-control and cold-blooded premeditation. Only these emotions can save your life.

Rules of conduct when encountering a wolf

If you encounter the wolf and you recognized it immediately, you have to move without being noticed. Of course, in case of wolf pack it is impossible. But if there is a chance, take advantage of it. You will have more chances to end up this story successfully.

Imagine the situation that escape is impossible. In this case the surest way out is to go back slowly initiating no reaction from the animal. Do not look at wolf’s eyes - it is like a red rag to a bull. If you hear the wolf roar, it means the animal has strength and is ready to resist. If it sets back its ears and sit down it will certainly jump. Try to grip it by the throat, push by shoulder and press. There are two ways out – either you or it.

If you meet a wolf or some other animal do not run. Any way animal is faster and stronger. Danger shall be met face to face. Turning by back to beast you became a prey and increase chances to be attacked. The best solution is to climb the tree. However, it is possible then to stuck on a tree for several hours. Wolves are patient, they can wait.

In order to distract the wolf from «angry» plans, throw some food to it. It is not the best solution but sometimes it works. Wolves are sucker for food and they can abandon idea to attack.

If you can’t escape the attack, the only thing to do is left – take a child’s pose. It provides for hidden neck preventing to bite. However, if you decided to resist, you can make use of improvised means. It will be great if you have pepper spray on hand or electric shocker or something sharp. At least tree branch or log will do. Being armed by everything that fate gives you, hit the wolf on foreface or nose – these are the most sensitive parts. When it jumps hit the wolf into breast or belly. In general, try to reach the river. Being waist deep in water you will gain benefit over wolf with paws that don’t reach the river bottom.

Being knockdown, do not stop. Laying on the ground try to get on feet protecting yourself by laud curse. You will look like a worthy adversary and can make him afraid of you. Keep your emotions under control, do not be panic-stricken. Remember – your life in your hands. As soon as you will display fear or fail to make decision there will be zero chances to find successful way out in battle with wolf. Defeat the enemy and go to safe place but keep the situation under control. Wolf can attack again – be ready for that.

If you travel in group try to do best to keep the group away from wolf’s attack. Pay attention to wounded and children, as it is a primary goal for wolves’ attack. Do not try to be friendly or feel sympathy, it is out of place. Wolf will not appraise your pains but on the contrary it will provoke the aggressiveness. If you have a gun - shot! At least, to frighten away if not to kill.

In case you travel with a dog, keep an eye on it. In order to keep away from wolf’s attention you have to take care for dog not to bark and take the excrements after it. Do not pit the dog against the wolf. Anyway the wolf is a wild animal and its reaction is unpredictable.

Being attacked after camping the wolf can be frightened by campfire. There is scientific evidence that wolves are afraid of fire. It will be better if there is a smoke. It is easy to arrange if you put some green leaves or fresh wood into fire. Pay attention to wind direction and be sure the wolves won’t risk coming closer.

In worst case remember after being bitten ask for medical aid as soon as possible. Animal can suffer rabies. Fatal outcome can be a result in case of unreceived medical help in time.

How to escape from wild animals

Think over it, can you prevent such an unpleasant encounter? Probably, you can. There are many ways to escape encountering the wolf or wolf pack in case of attack together or alone.

Therefore, the best way is not to wander alone. When you travel alone the risk to be attacked is hundred times higher than when you wander in group. Besides, keep away from walking at night time. Many predators are characteristic to hunt at night. Why then to take a bear by the tooth?!

Being in the known of predator’s habits and methods to effect the psychic one can neither escape the encounter or to win in the inevitable battle. Self-confidence and reasonable decisions will certainly bring the success. That is why the human has brain to support his decisions on logic rather than emotions.

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