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Weather in Khibiny

Atmospheric temperature in the Khibiny

Atmospheric temperature in the Khibiny Kola Peninsula is exposed to the influence of Atlantic and Arctic weather conditions. A spicy storm of the Arctic and Atlantic air masses creates a special atmosphere in the region. The Khibiny mountains in the Kola Peninsula are unique by its climate. There are no similar ...
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Climate in the Khibiny

Climate in the Khibiny Climatic conditions in the Kola peninsula are characterized by being close to Atlantic ocean and warm undercurrent of Gulfstream. Gulfstream provides for relative warmth of the Barents and Norwegian seas which major part is unfrozen during the most harsh ...
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Precipitation in the Khibiny

Precipitation in the Khibiny The Khibiny mountains condense water very well. Due to this the largest precipitation amount in Murmansk region is observed in comparison to other regions. If compared to flatland area of Murmansk region, in mountains precipitation level is as twice as high ...
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Winter in the Khibiny

Winter in the Khibiny Beginning of the November marks the winter’s onset. By that time the land is covered by snow cover that will start melting after spring comes. By the end of winter season, in March and April, snow cover is the thickest - 50-70 cm. In mountain gorges and windless areas ...
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Summer in the Khibiny

Summer in the Khibiny Travelling for vacation in the Khibiny during summer season, one has to learn the climatic peculiarities of the Kola peninsula. This will allow to take all necessary stuff for vacation. The point is that weather in the north has its own specific character if compared to other regions ...
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