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Water Basin of Umbozero Lake

Umbozero has several inflows: northern ones are Sura and Chuda rivers, eastern is Kitsa river. In the south there is Umba riverhead. Chuda river stretches for 17 kilometers along Kirovsk town district and inflows into Umbozero. Its area is 49 square kilometers. State Water Registry of Russia relates the river to Barents-Belomorsky district. Chuda has a water-resource region that borders to Iokan’ga river waterbasin in the west and Niva river waterbasin in the east.

Water Basin of Umbozero Lake

Sura river has a length of 20 kilometers. It passes the foot of lovozero tundra and rises in the north far away from the Khibiny and Lovozero tundra. Near to opening in 30 kilometers to the east there is a settlement Revda. In local waters there are fish as salmon trout and whirefish, rarely - salmon, perch and pike.

Mayvaltayok River is located in the northeast of the Khibiny tundras. The river originates near Mount Partomchorr where streams flow, forming Mayvaltayok. It is for the north-west and passes through the flat treeless valley, which is bordered to the south with the mountain Partomchorr, and in the north abuts the mountain Lyavochorr going to pass Suoluayv.

Unlike to northern inflows of umbozero, Kitsa river is of great popularity among fishermen. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Kola peninsula and belongs to Varzuga river waterbasin. Kitsa river length is 52 kilometer, width is wihin 35-75 meters. Area of water surface is 180 square kilometers. It rises near Fedorovy and Panskiye tundra. Kitsa riverhead is located in the south of Babozero. In 30 kilometers it passes Kitskoye lake and after it swerved to the south. This area between river head and place where it passes Kitskoye lake is Varzuga state reserve area. In this part of river flow fishing is allowed only for locals permanently living in Varzuga and Kuzomen’. Earlier in the river (riverhead) village Podnevol’noye was located but today it is abandoned. There are two roads to Kitsa. The first one is by water through Umbozero, another one by automobile road through Umba river.

Current velocity has significant difference starting from 0.1 meter per second and in some places to 1 meter per second. River route has several twists and many waterfalls and rapids. The largest ones are: rapids Rombaka, Ivanovsky, Krasny, Bobrovy, Petrokushka, Krivoy, Skoly, Rakhman, Lembetov, Drovyanoi and Kitsky waterfalls. In the river waters there are small islands, e.g. Rakhman, Ol’khovets and Lembetov. The area where Kitsa river passes is mostly covered by forest or boggy lowlands. Adjacent bogs are of a depth of 2 meters.

Forests include different tree types. Hills and mountains around the river do not exceed 30-70 meters in the west, and 170-175 meters in the east and middle part.

Umba river rises from Umbozero, in its southern part. River length is 123 kilometers which passes the territory of Tersky district and Kirovsky town district. Its area is 6250 square kilometers. On its way to the White sea, Umba river goes through Ponchozero, Kanozero and Kapystnye lakes. The final destination is Kandalaksha bay.

River name origin has two versions. The first one is iconed on the basis of Umbozero lake as the river rises from it. Another story says that sailors that were the first settlers here didn’t recognize it as a riverhead and gave name «Umba» that means closed.

River is filled by rain, melted and thawing waters from the rock massifs and inflows. The highest water level is during May to November. River has many rapids but they are small and can be drifted in kayaks. It is a river valley that is rounded by mountain rocks. The most of the area is covered by forests. Umba has many inflows: Chernaya, Kharuisnaya, Voronya, Ozerny Ruchei, Vyala and Yelovaya.

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