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Vortkeuayv Pass and Tulyok River Valley

Route 12

Approaching the Vortkeuayv Pass is described above - Route 11. Behind the Pass the path follows the tributary up to its flowing into the Tulyok River. Then you should go with the current up of the river to its first left tributary. Here you can see a wonderful waterfall, full-flowing in the first half of summer and season of rain. The view is the thickly wooded Tulyok River Valley, Umbozero Lake and Lovozero Tundras behind.

Vortkeuayv Pass and Tulyok River Valley

You may come back to the Vortkeuaiv Pass the same way or going a little bit southwards along the snow-coated northern slope of the Yuksporr mountain massif. The Khibiny «brand» minerals of eudialyte and astrophyllite may be found in the river beds and, provided there is no snow, in taluses. Standing on a rock above the Pass, you may view the Geographers’ Pass in the south-west.

Pay attention. There is a steep slope from the Vortkeuayv Pass to the south. In the first half of summer it happens to be full of snow. Going down it fast is dangerous, since you may bump into boulders.

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