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Vortkeuayv and Bezymyanny Passes

Route 11

The route is easily accessed. Go by bus from Kirovsk up to the final stop at the 25 km settlement. The further route is on the territory of the Kirovsky Mine. There are dumps to the left of the motorway, where you may look for rare Khibiny minerals. On the right there are operating quarries separated by embankments of barren rocks. Keep away from these! Behind the last buildings (ventilation plants of the mine) a road starts, going on a turf soil and on a stony talus about the very Vortkeuayv Pass (753 m). As a rule, there is snow at the slopes and on the Pass in June, but yellow Papaver Polare grows there already.

Vortkeuayvand Bezymyanny Passes

Picturesque are brooks and waterfalls on the Pass, all flowing down firn basins and feeding the right tributary of the Tulyok River. There is a remarkable view of its valley from the top. The road goes down along the tributary, then round the mountain massif and up along the main Tulyok River bed to the Bezymyanny Pass (830 m). Enjoy a broad and fascinating panorama of the Kukisvum Valley and Vudyavryok River. The route follows its left tributary flowing down the Pass. You may finish the route by studying remarkable morains at the very beginning of the Kukisvum Valley. You may leave for Kirovsk by car.

Pay attention. The route takes a start on the territory of the Kirovsky Mine. Following safety measures and instructions of the security is a must. The most challenging sections of the route are stony taluses of the Pass slopes.

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