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Umbozero lake

Umbozero lake is located in Murmansk region in the west of Russia. This lake is considered the second by size and first by depth in the Kola peninsula. Water surface area is 422 square kilometers; maximum depth sometimes is of 115 meters. Other names of the alke are Umb’javr or Ump’javr; ump in Saami language means closed. To the west there is high rock mass the Khibiny, eastern shores are adjacent to Lovozero tundra. So, the lake as though closed from other territories. This contributes to the name.

Umbozero lake

Umbozero is popular among tourists and fishermen. In the north there is automobile road from Revda to lake. To the south of the lake there is a road from Kirovsk. Kayaking along the shores one can camp or walking tours in southern flatlands or in Lovozero or Khibiny tundra. The most popular is mount Angvundaschorr - the highest point of Lovozro tundra. Over the lake there are cold winds blowing from the south and north. Strong rush of wind shall be a warning for fishermen and tourists to be careful and do not go far from the shore.

Air temperature here is 8-14 degrees during winter time. In summer air is heated till 8-14 degrees. Climate is characteristic of long winters and cold winds even during summer period thus initiating big waves. Water in Umbozero is covered with ice since end of October and it melts only at the end of May - beginning of June. Water level is ranging within 1.2meter. It changes smoothly. Minimum heihgt of Umbozero is in May, maximum water level rise is in July. It is due to water coming from rock massif during snow melting.

Umbozero is located in the hollow between rock massifs of tectonic origin. It is prolonged by shape from north to south. Its legth is 43 kilometers, width - 12 kilometers. There are several islands within its area. The largest ones are: Moroshkin, Yelovy, Bol’shoi and Sarvanovsky. Coastal line is ragged. Northern boundary of the alke is shingly shore. In the west and east in the places nearer to mountain slopes of the Khibiny the lake has shores of rocks and boulders. Going forward to south the relief is changed from hills to lowland forests and boggy areas. Here it is peculiar of lake to have sandbanks and boggy-peat shores. Lake depth is changing in the direction from north to south. In the south it is characteristic maximum values up to 30 meters but northern part of the lake is deeper.

In terms of hydrochemistry Umbozero has low amount non-organic substances in water. Humus in lake waters belongs to colorless type. Humus is of local origin and it is a result of biochemical decay of aqua vegetation and phyto-, zooplankton. Water of such type is colorless and transparent. It has favourable oxygen regimen fro fisheries.

Umbozero is famous thanks to discovered deposits of Umbozirite minerals. It was discovered in 1971. Well-known mineralogical element is poorly defined prismatic crystal of foursquare shape; its size does not exceed 4 millimeters. Crystals can be of greenish-brown or bottle-green color. It has semi transparent structure and glassy luster. Umbozerite belongs to oxygen compound type, class – silicates and analogs.

Environmental state of local water is declining due to waste water discharge of local ore mining companies and inflow of other contaminants through the inflow system. In different areas of Umbozero maximum permissible copper concentrations were registered.

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