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Tul’jok river

Long and full-flowing river Tul’jok is 26 kilometers long rises in the heart of Khibiny at slope of Kukisvumchorr massif, in its huge cirques. Passing through the forest valley to the east and filling its waters by inflows: Tymshasuaiv and Kaskasnunjok, it joins Umbozero by several branches. Tymshasuaiv river joins with Tul’jok river by its right side, Kaskasnunjok river - by left shore. Tymshasuaiv river rises from pass that divides rock massif Nyorkpakhksk and Eveslogchorr reaching elevation of 800 meters. It can be easily seen from Tul’jok valley.

Tul’jok river

Beautiful valley is located in the lowlands and middle part of river flow; it is a pine forest, in the upper reaches - spruce forest and meadows from where the Khibiny massif can be seen. Lower reaches of the river is located between ridges and hills. During winter time one can walk along forest hills and frozen river surface. During summer these sites are full of water therefore it is possible to cross the water entity only near the place where Kaskasnunjok river flows into Tul’jok river.

Valleys of these two rivers in the northern part are divided by spur of Kukisvumchorr. To pass the spur is easier through Kuropatochii pass. In the south the valley borders with three rock massifs. Yukspor spur is characterized by folded structure. N’orkpakhk slope is steep but as N’orkpakhk massif is not high it is easy to reach Vuonnemjok water entity valley. Eveslogchorr ridge includes large rock cirque with mountain lake which is the beginning of one river inflow.

Loparsky pass connects Tul’jok and Loparskaya river valleys by two faults. There is one more pass in the upper stream of Tul’jok. It is directed to stream flow Vortkeyai or Karaul’ny brook. This pass is an opening of Kukisvumchorr massif. Being located in the south it can’t be seen from Tul’jok. West hollow leads to cirque. Here there is a steep but short ascension leading to Vortkeuai pass.

Upper part of Tul’jok river comes out to Kukisvumchorr plateau. This way goes along the river rise on the north through indicated above cirque, hollow and narrow couloir and then further on, along the eastern slope it goes up to plateau. If continue the way to the north along plateau, through Akademicheskoye lake, eastern and western cirques, one can reach Rischorr pass and Kunijok valley. Trip back will be through plateau descending to described above cirque and then through couloir as there is a cliff on the way to Tul’jok valley.

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