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Infrastructure of Khibiny

History of Apatity town

Apatity town If you are going to make a trip to land behind the Polar Circle you will certainly find Apatity in the middle of peninsula between the famous Khibiny and clear as crystal Imandra lake. The town is located on the left side of the Belaya river and on the right side of Imandra lake ...
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History of Kirovsk town

Kirovsk town It's safe to say that the Kola Peninsula is rich of located there marvelous towns, one of which is Kirovsk. Here this town is unofficially treated as the center of Apatity industry. Being one of the towns of the Murmansk region, it is located in 205 kilometers from its small ...
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The origins of the village Titan

Village Titan At the foot of the Khibiny massif in the Murmansk region lies the village Titan, that is part of the urban district of Kirovsk. It is located six kilometers south of Kirovsk near the train tracks on the «Apatity - 1-Titan» railroad branch ...
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The origins of the village Koashva

Village Koashva In thirty-two kilometers from Kirovsk there is another village, called the Koashva. It listed in the Kirovsk urban district of the Murmansk region. Its name the village got because of the arrangement near the mountain that name from the Sami language ...
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The origins of the village Oktyabrsky

Village Oktyabrsky Twenty kilometers from Kirovsk there is the settlement Oktyabrsky. It is located on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region. The Oktyabrsky settlement is placed right to the shore of the Khariusnaya river Charisma, near the place where it flows into the Umba river ...
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The origins of the village Imandra

Village Imandra On the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk region there is the town named Olenegorsk. Its administrative district include such settlement as Imandra. It is located in one hundred and forty eight kilometers from Murmansk, between the north-eastern coast of the largest lake ...
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The origins of the village Khibiny

Village Khibiny The rail transfer point called Khibiny adjoins Apatity district. It refers to the Murmansk branch of the Oktyabrskaya railway on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region. The station is located in nine kilometers from Apatity. It is administratively obeyed to it ...
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Khibiny Airport

Airport Apatity-Kirovsk Khibiny Airport Apatity-Kirovsk or Khibiny airport is complex equipped with navigation facilities. It is located in the territory of Apatity town. It's geography is very important as it is located in the center of the Kola peninsula, 18 km from Apatity and 32 km from Kirovsk. To get ...
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