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Tourism in Khibiny

Location of the Khibiny

Summer in the Khibiny The Khibiny is the treasury of the Kola North. Mountains rise in the center of the peninsula where the wonderful view opens to all directions. The major part of the year snow-capped peaks are hidden in the foggy mist and grey clouds. Mountains are beautiful in summer ...
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Sightseeing in Apatity

Sightseeing in Apatity In the very center of the Kola peninsula, in the southern part of the Khibiny mountains there are two small but beautiful towns - Apatity and Kirovsk. Being established in the last century the first settlements were located near apatite and nepheline ore deposits ...
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Sightseeing in Kirovsk

Sightseeing in Kirovsk Near Bolshoi Vud'javr lake a small town was developed. It was established in 1931 and named first «Khibinogorsk», after three years it was renamed into Kirovsk. The town is considered to be a northern center of the mountain skiing. Ski bases of Kirovsk are popular ...
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Winter tourism in the Khibiny

Winter tourism in the Khibiny Winter in the Khibiny is snowy. Mild cold climate creates an ideal conditions for winter tourism. Therefore, the Khibiny mountains are famous not only by mineral mining but excellent ski bases, interesting excursions. Those who spend winter holidays skiing ...
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Summer tourism in the Khibiny

Summer tourism in the Khibiny Summer travelling alone in the Khibiny mountains or tour within the tourist group it is not just fascinating but a new life and new world perception, it is worth doing leaving your stuffy flats and joined the nature of the Northern land, in particular, the Khibiny ...
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