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The Vortkeuayv Pass

Next to the Gromotukha stream, also known as the Karaulny, there is located the Vortkeuayv Pass - new Khibiny gates. It is relatively easy climbing pass, which winter difficulty of overcoming due to the meeting snow benches is 1A and in summer it is subject to even the beginner. It is characterized by rather small height - just 800 meters. On the one side there is seen the crystal clear tributary of the Tul’yok headstream, on the other there is located a breathtaking Loparskaya river valley. If you conquered Uzhnaya Kukisvumchorr Peakit’s no distance to this pass. Move in a southeast direction and you can't go wrong.

The Vortkeuayv Pass

Despite the climbing does not take much time, it is still steep and carried out in 3 stages. Very often there are fogs in these places. During this period the visibility is very low, therefore the climbing become more complicated.

In the southern part of the pass you can watch over located nearby (just half an hour walk from the pass) mine, that taken its stand at the foot of the pass. First, the descent will be steep enough, it’s better to keep on left. And then, passing by the located in the center snow hole, go on the descent on its right side.

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