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The Shchel Pass

Though outwardly Shchel Pass is not so high - only 650 meters, you’ll have to do a stiff job to pass it. In summer the climbing difficulty is equal to 1B, in winter it reaches 2A. Being a little more to the east of Yuksporr Peak, this pass unites the right tributary of the Tul’yok river valley with the left tributary of the Vuonnemyok river valley. It's funny, but to get to the pass is possible only by moving throughout the stream, flowing out the pass in itself. That is the way should be kept from the lower reaches of the stream up the hill.

The Shchel Pass

However, there is another way. You can move in traverse way along the streams and offshoots, but there is a danger to face with canyons that ease, quite frankly, not enhance, but rather the contrary. Furthermore, it takes from three to four hours.

The first variant of climbing will take less than an hour. First, the way lies along the slope of 45° steepness with a gradual climb - first in 70 meters of the first sector, then 50 meters of the second sector. As for the second, then overcoming it, you will need to move through the left side of the narrow gully field. There are snow topographic benches on the right side.

The descent is easier. At first the way runs along the gully field, steepness of which is 25°, and then you need to move on a flattenning out slope towards the Vuonnemyok river valley.

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