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The Arsen’yev Pass Zapadny

Between the Malaya Belaya valley of the river and the Meridionalny headstream you can see the Arsen’yev Pass Zapadny. It looks like separating warring Yum’echorr and Palgasvumchorr Peaks. Despite the constant height of the pass - 1010 meters, there is some difference between the winter and summer climbing. So, according to the All-union uniform sports classification in summer the degree of climbing difficulty is 1A while in winter it’s equal to 1B.

The Arsen’yev Pass Zapadny

The most «difficult» thing is to overcome the wooded area. Then the path will become easier, and in some places it will generally take on a horizontal form. The climbing is complicated by meeting some here and there «living» stones. The only thing is to climb a steep slope, or (in summer) to move on the snowfield. The steepness of the slope of the Arsen’yev Pass Zapadny is 40°, sometimes reaching 45°.

When it's time to descend, you will have to go off the beaten path on the left side of the gully field. This is the same place where the steepness of the pass reaches 45° and the descent is complicated by the stone friability in summer or the avalanche slope in winter. Usually it takes no more than 40 minutes. Then hikers continue their journey to the marvelous the Malaya Belaya valley of river to admire by which they would be able in just a few hours.

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