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The Ramzay Pass

Ramzay Pass, previously called P’el’ka, so easy to climb that it takes a child to do this. Just 100 meters up the sloping terrace of the Malaya Belaya river and you are on site. The pass height is 650 meters. It was renamed in 1920 by academician Alexander Fersman, academic named the pass in honor of the famous Finnish geologist - Wilhelm Ramsay, exploring the Kola Peninsula in the late nineteenth - early twentieth centuries. In 1997, there have even been installed the memorial plaque in his honor.

The Ramzay Pass

On the one side of the pass lies the Malaya Belaya river valley, on the other side there overlooks the Poachyok river valley. Due to the great height of its walls (300 meters), the pass is simply swamped among Takhtarvumchorr massif and Poachvumchorr ridge.

When the time of descent comes, you will also move on by a long, gentle slope. Only in some places, particularly where located narrow canyons, there are slight variations not exceeding 20°. If you prefer to climb from the forest, the climbing will take two hours. But going down to the nearby lake Maly Vud’yavr, you can spend just an hour.

The only thing you should pay attention to during the pass conquest is the avalanche danger of Poachvumchorr ridge.

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