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The Putelichorr Pass

Putelichorr Pass is surrounded by some mystery. Not only it is located at Alien massif (the locals name this way Putelichorr Peak after appearance there Alexander Fersman expedition), but also the mysterious combination of numbers - 1111 - this is the height of the pass in meters. The path leading to the pass in itself looks as being entangled by some unknown creatures, who don't want being disturbed by wet-heads.

The Putelichorr Pass

Finding yourself in the top of Mannepahk Peak, you should make your path on its northern edge along the right side of the Mannepahkuay stream. Half an hour later you will reach the dam, connecting Putelichorr Peak and the datum point of your way – mountain Mannepahk. Having climbed the peak from the North, that is located between the above-mentioned peaks, we’ll change it over to the dam and climb to Putelichorr Pass by its western edge. If our datum point is the forest, all the way will take about five hours.

If you go down the south edge, starting your way from the gorge Severny Chorrgor, with the side, where is located the lake Imandra, it rise up on the snow cover under 40°. A little bit more and you will find yourself in the plateau. From time to time there is no snow at all. This way takes from 1 to 2 hours.

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