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The Pochtal’on Pass

Are you not extreme climbing lover? Then Pochtal’on Pass is just «what the doctor ordered». It is not difficult for climbing and descent pass with a height of 590 meters. By lots finding yourself in Kudryavtsev Peak in its west offshoot you will face to this pass. Pochtal’on Pass is a thread connecting the Nephelinovy and Medvezhy Log streams. If you want to steal up the pass from the side of the Medvezhy Log stream, you should reach the divarication and then, moving along the river-bed of right head of river, find yourself in sought-for pass.

The Pochtal’on Pass

Keeping on your way after kilometer you should get along the gully field, moving upward with the left side offset. Less than half an hour you will be on site! The gorge length of the pass is 300 meters. On your way you’ll meet the representatives of dwarf birches.

As a rule, the descent is carried out without skis due to the presence of stones that prevent the smooth ascent. As soon as you find yourself in the Nephelinovy stream, that by the way is a tributary of one of the largest lakes of the Khibiny tundra - Imandra, you can arm with skis and in 45 minutes you'll reach the forest zone.

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