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The Pass of Geographers

The Pass of Geographers is relatively low. It doesn’t differ by the climbing difficulty - it’s equal to 1A in summer and autumn and 1B - in winter. It is obliged by its name to the unfortunate Professor I.I. Prokhorov, who had made a loss of geographical map and paid the devil - in 1938 he was shot down. Making itself snug between Takhtarvumchorr and Vud’yavrchorr Peaks, it is a kind of bridge connecting the Maly Vud’yavr Lake with the Bolshaya Belaya river valley. The pass climbing is stair-step - a steep avalanche slope alternates with horizontal platforms.

The Pass of Geographers

During climbing you can’t get along without studded shoes and windproof masks. It’s necessary because in the process of climbing you have to get over icy areas and resist to the wind boiling with anger and trying to level mice and men with the ground.

So you got the quite long gorge, its length is equal to 250 meters. Its bottom represents the masterpiece of coarse wastes, created by the Mother Nature. Now, that’s what you can call a truly heavenly look! All the Khibiny spread before the eyes. Look right and you will see a spectacular view of Lake Imandra and famous Apatity.

In abundance have admired the beauties of these places, we carry out quite a long and tiring descent down a rocky slope, alternating with grassy grounds in the summer time. Three hours later you've already come to the forest, well, there's your choice where to wend your way.

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