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The Pass Eagle's nest

It wouldn’t be easy, if you have decided to conquer Pass «Eagle's nest», also known there as Orliny. At any time the climbing difficulty is 2A at a height of 1090 meters. Against the background of located on both sides of the pass Fersman and Petrelius cirques, it looks very impressive. On the one side of the pass you can see Krestovy Peak, on the other side of it there is Yudychvumchorr.

The Pass Eagle's nest

Being at the Petrelius cirque, you can clearly distinguish snow gully field where will be held the climbing. That is the place where the climbing will be very hard! Getting along the avalanche slope of 35° steepness, in places reaching 50°, we duck under the topographic bench. As soon as the topographic bench is overcome (it shouldn’t be done without the piton belay), we find ourselves in the gorge-formed pass saddle full of snow at any time of the year.

The descent doesn’t also differ by ease. The same steep slope, the same conditions of risk to face with the phenomenon of avalanches. The most part of the way you must go on foot along the water falling line. Further, it is possible to arm by ski and moving under the protection of tourists «guardian angels» - large stones, go down to Fersman stream. Less than half an hour you will find yourself in the forest zone.

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