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The Partomchorrsky Uzhny Pass

Pass Partomchorrsky Uzhny isn’t characterized be the difficulty of climbing, its height is equal to 800 meters. Located between the peaks and Partomchorr Partomporr. It connects the valley of the river and the upper Lyavoyok Kaskasnyunyok left tributary of the river. From the river valley Kaskasnyunyoka pass is not visible. It should go on the left tributary, which flows into the river Kaskasnyunyok immediately after on the left lapel Rischorr at the very border of the forest area (about 2 kilometers).

The Partomchorrsky Uzhny Pass

You can get there by climbing throughout the marvelous Khibiny river Lyavoyok or stealing up the pass from the side of upper left tributary of the Kaskasnyun’yok river. However, if you have chosen the second variant, you myst know that you won’t see the pass from its valley. The pass appears as the dividing line between Partomporr and Partomchorr Peaks.

The pass will be no trouble. Only in winter here and there you can face to huge stones, snow-drift sites or breakages. When you find yourself on the pass saddle, you will see a beautiful lake, «hiding» there from worldly vanity.

First the descent is quite steep - slope steepness there reaches 30°, but after a while it will turn smoothly into overcoming of sloping terrain. In 2 hours you will reach the enchanting shores of the Paykun’yavr lake.

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