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The origins of the village Titan

At the foot of the Khibiny massif in the Murmansk region lies the village Titan, that is part of the urban district of Kirovsk. It is located six kilometers south of Kirovsk near the train tracks on the «Apatity - 1-Titan» railroad branch. The foundation of Khibinogorsk occurred in the winter of nineteen twenty-nine, it was built in the Khibiny tundra. Around it there was built six special villages, where settled supporters of kulaks. Initially they roamed in the dugouts, huts and tents. Due to the fact that life in this area was associated with roads, the first names the villages received on this basis. For example, ninth, thirteenth, fourteenth or sixteenth kilometers.

Village Titan

First mention of the Titan appeared in the archives of the Murmansk region in 1931 year. In the letter of the Presidium of the Executive Committee on the ninth of April, 1931 there is the request to the administrative commission of the Leningrad regional Executive Committee to rename the village of Murmansk region, located on the fourteenth kilometer of road into Titan.

The village formation began with barracks, then people started farm and stable building. The buildings were constructed from wood, then locals started to plant vegetable crops.

Titan gradually was expanding. Locals began to build a school, a kindergarten, a canteen and of course, a shop. All the buildings were made of wood. Then the Moscow mechanized column MK-57 came, after that there was formed SMR-318 (construction train) for the railway maintenance. In autumn, in October of this year there was built the first five-storey house. It became the start for the villagers housing improvements.

The huge animal production unit replaced all wooden farms and stables. Now the barns became light, there appeared delivery department and food processing enterprise. Thus, there emerged a large number of new vacancies. From 1976 up to the present days in the Titan already exists ten residential multiple-porched houses, two kindergartens, three grocery stores, a farm and a culture house. There are plans to build another ninety-apartment house, a stadium and a complex for villagers and cottage town service.

By the way there are two variants why this name was given to the village. The first says that Alexander Fersman put a difficult task to the first settlers. He said that there is no titanium, but it must be found. It occurred at the time when the first inhabitants settled on the thirteenth kilometer from Kirovsk. After that, the name of the village have not changed. And the second variant is the following: according to local residents, in the village stood the giant with boiling water and a cup, bended on him be the chain. Residents came here for water.

The number of local residents at the time of the population census in 2010 amounted to 1442 men - 709 men and 733 women. However, in 2007 there were more people - 1586.

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