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The origins of the village Oktyabrsky

Twenty kilometers from Kirovsk there is the settlement Oktyabrsky. It is located on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region. The Oktyabrsky settlement is placed right to the shore of the Khariusnaya river Charisma, near the place where it flows into the Umba river. The settlement is located on the «Aykuven - Lovozero» railroad branch, where located Umba station. Up to 2013 it was the part of Kirovsk urban district.

Village Oktyabrsky

The main occupation of the locals was wood harvesting. Oktyabrsky forestry complex was very popular, now it moved to Kirovsk.

Now the settlement is abolished due to the fact that there are no residents. The elimination of the Octyabrsky settlement occurred after the appearance of the law of the Murmansk region No. 1601-01-MIA from 24 of April, 2013.

Meanwhile, the number of residents in the village in 2010 was 41 persons - 24 men and 17 women. In comparison with 2007, the population then was amounted to 96 residents.

Near the settlement there is empty military airfield, that had previously been considered as a substitute for 574 MRAP and AC 5 MRAD. Basically, on its runway worked the Tu-22.

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