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The origins of the village Koashva

In thirty-two kilometers from Kirovsk there is another village, called the Koashva. It listed in the Kirovsk urban district of the Murmansk region. Its name the village got because of the arrangement near the mountain that name from the Sami language is translated as «mountain near the marsh». It was a holy place for hunters, who worshipped to it. The village was built on the Vuonnemyok river, flowing near the Umbozero and located near the Khibiny massif. From Kirovsk to Koashva concrete road passes, there is direct bus service to Apatity. The railway station is called Rudnaya. Up to 1977 the area was not make habitable, there were no settlements.

Village Koashva

Initially the village was built as the geologists residence. From 1977 the area of twenty acres was given to them for research and study. After confirmation that the area contains huge reserves of Apatitys, there began construction of administrative buildings of the East mine, although until 1977 there were no facilities in the village. First, the concept of the village was intended as the settlement for miners and their families. Men were occupying by East mine, women were waving on the clothing factory. But during construction there were found ancient tombs considered to be Sami.

Next village formation strated after the foudation of the mine «Vostochny» in 1978. The construction of the school ended in 1983.

At the time of the population census in 2010 in the village amounted to 882 men - 407 men and 475 women. It will be noted that in 2007 the number of people was more one thousand - 1204. As in 1987 there were almost 2 000 locals.

To the present day in the Koashva works two organizations - clothing factory and the East mine. They both are considered to be the property of JSC «Apatity», that in its turn are managed by JSC «FosAgro». Above all in the village there is a kindergarten, school, ten five-storey houses, a shop and a cinema.

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