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The origins of the village Khibiny

The rail transfer point called Khibiny adjoins Apatity district. It refers to the Murmansk branch of the Oktyabrskaya railway on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region. The station is located in nine kilometers from Apatity. It is administratively obeyed to it. The location of the railway station is on the White bay near the biggest lake in the Khibiny massif - Imandra. Nearby this station flows the Malaya Belaya river mouth. Code of the rail transfer point of Khibiny - 01612.

Village Khibiny

Khibiny Station is the starting point for several routes, the most famous of them pass route on Ramsay, formerly referred to as Pelka, it was renamed in 1920 by Academician Alexander Fersman, in honor of the famous Finnish geologist - William Ramsay. In 1920 he used geological expeditions Alexander Fersman for delivery of goods by railway in the central part of the Khibiny.

On the left side of the river valley Small White, rises the great mountain Yudychvumchorr Khibiny massif, which reaches 1,200 meters, to the right you can see the mountain Yudychvumchorra Petrelius height of 1141 meter.

Sometimes at the station stop a few long-distance trains or passes «freight-car». What’s more in Apatity there is a bus to the station.

In 2010 according to the population census there are no locals in this settlement.

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