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The origins of the village Imandra

On the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk region there is the town named Olenegorsk. Its administrative district include such settlement as Imandra. It is located in one hundred and forty eight kilometers from Murmansk, between the north-eastern coast of the largest lake Imandra and the Khibiny foothill. There is no highroad service. However, there is a railway station Imandra, from that the tourist route in the ravine Aku-Aku, the Kuniyok and the Northern Chorrgor river valleys and to the northwest side of the Khibiny massif starts. The main inhabitants of the settlement are workers of railway station and electrecity lines.

Village Imandra

According to historical records, in 1900, there was founded a small settlement near the banks of the Goltsovka river. It was called the Polovinka. For the period of the Murmansk railway line construction, it became the main plot, therefore the population of the settlement was growing and the it was developing. So, in 1924, there was founded the settlement Imandra. Academician Alexander Fuhrman during his expeditions in the 20s of the last century spent a lot of time for the study of the Khibiny-Lozowski tundras.

The largest population size of Imandra - 1000 people was recorded in the 1980s. For 2005, the population of Imandra was only 68 people. Then several dozen residents were moved into Olenegorsk, giving the apartments for some people. Those railwaymen, who refused to move, remained to live in the settlement. Then, in 2009, according to the population census, the number of residents have been already 19 people - 10 women and 9 men.

The settlement appearance has not changed since 2009. On the background of lake Imandra beyond the railway line can be seen the ruined barack, in the yard of which there is an old truck and dried by wind fishing nets, leaning fences and rusty carousel. Because there are no more children in the settlement, the local school was closed. Children from the other settlements are carried there only to see the polar summer. Abandoned, ruined houses destroyed are near the residential,repaired buildings. The most modern building is a small brick dispatching station, broadcasting Monchegorsk rap. All the tourists the locals welcomed by warm smiles and will to talk.

Nowadays the authorities plan to resettle all the inhabitants in Olenegorsk, and make the settlement nonexistent.

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