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The Obmanny Pass

A little higher Kukisvumchorr Pass there will be Obmanny Pass. After all 563 m! As a rule, there never occurs the complexity of climbing. In winter and in summer it is waiting for tourists who want to conquer mountain peaks with open arms. It is obliged by its name to its «father» - academician Alexander Fersman. Why father? - you involuntarily want to ask. It was Alexander Fersman, who in 1922 gave the pass its name. The pass is located to the West of Vallepahk in Central Lyavochorr offshoot. It is represented be the connecting link between the middle course of the Kal’yok and upper reaches of Obmannaya river.

The Obmanny Pass

The approach to the pass is not easy. First you have to fight with thick-growing bushes getting out of the forest. Then you are overcoming hated sleet, alternated by three kilometer sloping climbing between moraines. Having overcome a steep 30? slope, it is possible to rest on the rocky plateau of the pass.

The first descent is carried out by the canyon, then you need to leave it, smoothly moving on a right slope, as the walls become unacceptably steep and on the steep part of the canyon there is the topographic bench. Also, remember that at the point of the canyon and the Kal’yok river unity there is a huge rocky logjam.

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