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The Kukisvumchorr Pass

One of the most low and easy to climb passes is Kukisvumchorr Pass. Its height is 479 meters. You can't go wrong, if you find yourself between the Kukisyok and Kuniyok river valleys. In translation from the Saami Kukisvumchorr it means «long valley». It’s no wonder, because the pass in itself is very long, in places even resembling a «flat-bottomed» gorge. Poachvumchorr and Kukisvumchorr Peaks knit it up in its iron-clad embrace.

The Kukisvumchorr Pass

After leaving the Kirovsk limits and rushing to the pass, on the way there is a boulder rock lying in wait for you. Under it there settled feeding from springs the lake called Seytes’yavr. Overcoming the boulder rock, if you look to the South, you'll see the beautiful lake Bolshoy Vud’yavr. If you turn around and keep your eyes to the North, you'll get a great view of the Kukisvum river valley.

Finding yourself in the pass, you will meet along the way three lakes, which water is dark blue-green colored with black bloom stones. This look to tell the truth is rather gloomy.

Ease climbing of this pass is determined by the presence of the auto-road crossing the pass. But you haven’t to be naive to believe that everything is so unshadowed. This pass is also not safe from avalanches. It is particularly dangerous in spring.

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