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The Krestovy Pass

We have a completely different situation with Krestovy Pass. Its altitude is 950 meters and the climbing difficulty is also quite noticeable - 1B in summer and 2A in winter. First of all, you should pay attention to the increase of the slope steepness. If it is equal to 15° at the beginning, then passing the gap of Snezhny Pass it is 35°. Also on the way of climbing some traps lie in wait for you. It is represented by some ice between the stones that will be the way for your opening moving. As soon as running measures appear, you would know that the saddle is just around the corner.

The Krestovy Pass

Edge of the pass in itself is very narrow, that’s why it immediately turns into a topographic bench not letting to repsrire due to the lack of sloping terrain. As for the climbing, it will take about 40 minutes of continuous walking. In general, if the weather is clear, you can discern hardly seen emerging route at the foot of the pass.

The descent will take less time - just half an hour. Just the steepness of the slope in places will reach 45°, plus to all an obstacle can be represented by snow or even, God forbid, an avalanche. In summer take along the crampon, because the gully filled at this time is full of dense snow and ice layer.

The pass is obliged by its name to the same name Krestovy Peak, next to that it is located. On the other side of it you can see Chasnachorr Peak. It is the «meeting point» of the Meridionalny and the Petrelius streams. And its meeting point, as you know, «cannot be changed».

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