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The Chorrgor Severny Pass

One of the most difficult passes, burdened with high avalanche risk is Chorrgor Severny. The highest point of the pass is equal to 1010 m. As for the climbing difficulty, it is equal to 1A in summer and 1B in winter. Its location is deduced by rising up Putelichorr Peak on the one side and Iidichvumchorr Peak (to be precise its nameless bredwardine located from the North) on the other. When you find yourself in the deep gorge, everything will fall into place.

The Chorrgor Severny Pass

To get close to this pass is possible by climbing along the upper reaches of the Gol’tsovaya river, or «storming» the middle course of the Kuniyok river. If you have chosen the first variant, you should start your way from village Imandra, moving on the right bank of the Gl’tsovaya river, until faced with the confluence of the Meridionalny stream. It will happen in about two hours, so you can't go wrong. The glade located there overlooks on a wonderful view of mountains, flying in the face of tourists . Keep on your way, plunging into a gradually increasing along the banks of the river forest area. When you pass it, you will find yourself in front of the lake and the tributary will turn into a waterfall. And further the well-trodden path will lead you to the pass. Only half an hour and you're at the top!

At first the descent is carried out on the snowfield, then on the large scree. All the way takes from one and a half to four hours depending on the time of year. Its length is 4 kilometers. Generally in this case and on the other passes you should remember that the descent should be planned in the morning hours to avoid unpleasant situations and injuries.

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