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Chorrgor Yuzhny Pass

High enough - 850 meters and relatively easy to climb is Chorrgor Yuzhny Pass. That is this pass that connects so yearning to each other the Chasnayok stream and lower left tributary of the Petrelius stream. Its peace is protected by Chasnachorr and Iidichvumchorr Peaks. Starting our way in the Petrelius stream valley, we climbing to a steep area, representing the border of the forest. Further keeping on climbing along the weakly inclined slope with the 20° steepness.

Chorrgor Yuzhny Pass

Remember that on the right side you can come across icy areas, so it would be better to climb on the left side. Another fling - overcoming of the last pass takeoff of 30° steepness and you are on site. Please note that the ease of the climbing to the pass does not guarantee that you may not face to the phenomenon of avalanches. Beware!

Finding yourself in the pass, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of lake located there. Now we can proceed to the descent! Starting the descent towards the Chacnayok stream, here and there one can come across the stones. Subsequently, carrying out the serpentine descent throughout the 30° slope, you can accidentally bump into the rocks. Carefully follow the road, take your time! When you reach the Chacnayok stream valley, you can relax - futher your way will pass through gently sloping terrain only here and there «diluted» by moraine hills. All the passage of the pass in winter will take about six hours and five hours in summer.

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