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The Bezymyany Pass

Surrounded by the enchanting valleys of such Khibiny rivers as the Tul’yok and the Vud’yavryok there takes earth the Bezymyany pass. Why did it take earth? Because its height is only 830 meters. However, it is no way affects the difficulty degree of its «assault». In summer it is equal to the category 1B, in winter we all know that the climb is more difficult, so the difficulty degree is 2A. The reason of this difference lies in the area avalanche hazard. By the way you could pay attention to the existence of the topographic bench from the east side of the pass.

The Bezymyany Pass

This pass allows you as soon as possible to find yourself in the Tul’yok headstream, if the initial datum point was the Snow cirque. If you are staying between Uzhnaya Kukisvumchorr and Kukisvumchorr Peaks, you're on the spot. Just a few hours ago you probably left the village Kukisvumchorr and turned right at the same name pass, moving along the tributary of the Vud’yavryok river.

Despite the relatively small steepness of the slope (up to 30°) it is necessary to move there carefully - the first 150 meters of serpentine road on skis, and the rest of the way without skis at all. It's funny, but walls of the pass are surprisingly very smooth! The pass itself is a deep cleft in the heart of which there is located the ice river called in narrow circles «a glacier». This gap crossing will take about half an hour.

The descent from the pass is carried out on a wide snowfield, stretched their arms to 300 meters. If weather conditions favor you, you can handle it all in 10 minutes, if not - it will take a little more. After that you can arm with skis and thrust oneself to the forest. Half an hour of ski touring and you are already staying in the Tul’yok valley of river.

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