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The Arsen’yev Pass Vostochny

Somewhere in the interior of the Khibiny tundra between Fersman Peak and Palgasvumchorr Mount there is the Arsen’yev Pass Vostochny of 1030 meters. If one knows Saami language and read the geographic names he will certainly understand how such a curious name can originate. It does not seem to be Saami word, it does not give characteristic to the object and what is funnier, it does not bear relation to explorer Arsen’yev in fact. It appears that it is the Arsenin Pass in honor of its pioneer. But illiteracy did the trick and this name became official on the tourist map.

The Arsen’yev Pass Vostochny

The pass is peculiar of quite easy climb but time-consuming (of about four hours). Climbing on top you will see charming pictures of Imandra lake and Yudychvumchorr plateau and tiredness vanishes as if by magic. It strikes you immediately-it worth it!

You have to take a chance to climb the Fersman Peak. It will take not more than 20 minutes but it is a real lifetime experience. A way down the pass will be steeper and it will take two hours to come back. Be careful and mind benches and sites covered with firn, «storm» the hill using crampons.

Steepness of slope here is 20 - 40°. It more convenient to climb the ridge a little bit to the right of the pass (from the left side the slope is more steep)

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