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Takhtarvumchorr Plateau

Route 5

In Sámi, «Takhtarvumchorr» means «a chain of flat-top mountains not far from the valley suitable for the long-awaited rest». The term «valley» denotes the wind-protected Maly Vudyavr Lake Valley. The route aims at showing the beauty of landscapes and rocks of the Takhtarvumchorr Plateau. Like the previous route, this one is better to start from the memorial at the Khibiny Mountain Station «Tietta», coming here by car, and then hike up to the tinguaite dykes in the Snow Cirque. Then the most challenging part of the route begins.

Takhtarvumchorr Plateau

You should climb on the gentlest part of the slopes, to the right from the Cirque, up to the plateau. Then hike northwards on a gentle plateau to steep cliffs of the Ramsay Gorge. Atop the Мountains Takhtarvumchorr (1154 m) there is a nice view of the valley of the Malaya Belaya River, flowing westwards to lake Imandra, and the mountain land. Further on, the route goes southwards along a flat plateau.

En route you come across continuous outcrops of nepheline syenites of various composition, all intersected by tinguaite dykes with different textures and a wide color spectrum, from grey to green. You may come across tools (a hack, a shovel, wedges, a crowbar) and pits - traces of test work-out of this decorative rock that was carried by «Severkvartssamosvety» Co. in the 1950’s-1960’s.

Unfortunately, the rock has been produced by local individual entrepreneurs only, but always valued by them. You may buy goods made of the Khibiny tinguaite and collection raw material in shops of Kirovsk, Apatity, and even Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is possible to finish the route in different ways, depending on tourists’ physical condition and weather, i.e. either go down the plateau to the Maly Vudyavr Lake near the Molybdenite Mine, or through the Geographers’ Pass (Route 2), or hike southwards round Мountains Vudyavrchorr (Route 3). In the first case, you may leave for Kirovsk by car, in the second case the route takes you directly to the town.

Pay attention. The route should be taken in the given direction, since challenging climbing up to the Takhtarvumchorr Plateau on a steep spur is still easier than going down on it. The descent becomes all the more dangerous, when it is rainy and foggy.

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