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Summer tourism in the Khibiny

Summer travelling alone in the Khibiny mountains or tour within the tourist group it is not just fascinating but a new life and new world perception, it is worth doing leaving your stuffy flats and joined the nature of the Northern land, in particular, the Khibiny. It is really worth seeing and having rest here. Summer season in the Khibiny is no less interesting than winter one. Tourists will be surprised by wild northern nature.

Summer tourism in the Khibiny

After sightseeing Apatity and Kirovsk, it is worth visiting an unusually beautiful lake Maly Vud'javr, one of the most visited places by tourists. It is popular because it won't much trouble to get there. Rock climbers will also enjoy these places: many routes start near the lake and go further to mountain passes. The lake is located between the mountains and surrounded by tundra forest full of berries and mushrooms. Maly Vud'javr shores are the best place for picnicking.

One can choose more complicated route through the Pass of Geographers, between the mountains peaks Vud'javrchorr and Takhtarbumchorr. For that purpose, follow the right inflow of Belaya river that is located approximately in the middle of the road from Apatity to Kirovsk and go up by forest valley turned to crooked forest. Gradually, the river disappears in boulders and further on climbing the slope one can reach the pass. Here you can see the wonderful view on the Khibiny mountain, down there is a valley of Maly Vud'avr lake. The pass itself is a prolonged saddle, being stiffed between the peaks and filled with stones. Going down to lake is dangerous than climbing up as slopes are steep.

Ganeshin Circus can be found to the south-east of Pass of Geographers. This wonder should be paid attention. It is a good place to spend overnight, as there will be no mosquitoes here. Camp site can be organized here as there is much space for that. Mountain lakes will provide for pure water. Local area is clearly seen from the pass, therefore, place for rest can be chosen earlier, before way down from pass. When you reach the circus there is a beautiful view seen - on the west it is vertical granite cliffs, in the east - blue water of Maly Vud'javr.

From Maly Vud'javr to Pass of Geographers the climbing is done on the path, to the north of Ganeshin Circus. In the top the path disappears and the route should be changed depending on the season f the year. At the beginning of summer one can climb by snow paths, in August - by loose rocks. Interesting view is discovered at the top: steep, prolonged saddle filled by stones.

If start in Kirovsk one can take another route. Not far from Kukisvumchorr there is a small Yuksporrjok river. Travelling along its shore one can reach the picturesque pass of Yuksporlak, then - to Schel' Pass. Along the Schel' , tourists will reach the part of mountains untouched by civilization. To the south there are open-pits for apatite ore mining. It can be seen from far away. From that place huge BelAZ trucks seem toy cars.

Tul'jok river is now seen from Schel' Pass. Its head leads to emerald lake Akademicheskoye. It is one of the high mountain lakes located only 200 meters lower than saddles of the nearest passes. Lake shape resembles oval of 1500 to 700 meters. The lake is situated stone cup and framed by stone cliffs. Steep eastern shore of Akademicheskoye lake is a wonderful site for camping. The only disadvantage is no wood to find nearby, only green grass around, sometimes grown through the stones. But fairytale view worth it: snowy rocks protect the lake from the north side. White belts of snow go down to the shore, rock sliding occurs from time to time. Stone streams thrill the land and the lake surface is marked with ripples. Lovers of mountain walks can walk around the Akademicheskoye lake by ridge located in the west to the lake.

Risjok river not far from Umbozersky Pass there is a Krasivy waterfall. It was given its beautiful name for its picturesque view. Its waters go down with noise from cliffy rocks. It is a popular place for making pictures.

There are many wonderful sites in the Khibiny mountains. Mountain lakes, rivers, peaks and passes attract many tourists. Untouched by human activity nature of wild mountain peaks is highly appreciated. Here one can feel refreshment of mind and body.

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