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Sightseeing in Kirovsk

Near Bolshoi Vud'javr lake a small town was developed. It was established in 1931 and named first «Khibinogorsk», after three years it was renamed into Kirovsk. The town is considered to be a northern center of the mountain skiing. Ski bases of Kirovsk are popular over the whole territory of the former USSR and annualy attracts many tourists from all over Russia. Here is a training base for Olympic team of Russia in freestyle skiing; «Khibiny race» takes place here among Russian, Ukranian, Byelorussian and Kazakh biathletes.

Sightseeing in Kirovsk

As soon as you arrived to Kirovsk, you will approach a wonderful piece of art of the Russian masters - Cathedral of Holy image of Christ the Savior not made by hands. It is located in Solnechnaya street, it is open for everybody, one can get here from everywhere. It seems new outside but it is not the same in relation to interior. Icons brought here by first settlers strike by its richness. The most worshipped by local people is Holy Image of Savior, surrounded by Peter, Theodor, Miron, Michael the Archangel and Darya the Martyr. From far away you will hear 9 bronze bells that decorate the church. They were made by Ural masters particularly for Kirovsk' cathedral, iconostasis was made in Kursk. It was originated in Holy Trinity brotherhood.

The history of the town and exploration of the Khibiny is opened to travelers in Local History Museum, located in Sovetskaya Konstitutsiya street, 9. Here there is a memorial in Kirov house-museum, the person in which honor the town was named. It is the house where decision on mineral mining in the Khibiny mountains was made up.

Mining-geological museum of «Apatit» JSC, situated in Lenin street, 4 contains both minerals of the Khibiny massif and samples of minerals from all over the world. Khibiny flora can be studied in the Botanical Garden - Research Institute named after Avrorin. It is of great value as there is no other botanical gardens behind the Polar circle somewhere else. Exhibition of northern vegetation as well as tropics and subtropics can be found here.

One more sightseeing is a Museum of literature, in Lenin avenue, 15 named after writer Yerofeev. The museum is decorated in Yerofeev philosophy style that will certainly be appreciated by those who like original and creative works.

If one aims at going in the country, one can visit Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Research Institute named after N.A. Avrorin. On the way to it you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Maly Vud'javr lake. Practically the entire territory of the garden (no less than 1250 ha) is considered a preserved area.

Those who arrived at this place it's a must-see to visit wonderful tropical house that includes a great collection of many unique plants of the world. It is amazing that till 1994 this garden was the only one found behind the Polar circle.

There are several excursion routes in the botanical garden. One can visit seed-field with open ground with introduced plants, splendid tropic house hosting representatives of tropics and subtropics zone or history museum of garden development. It is here where one can observe with his own eyes the change of vegetation by altitudinal belts - from forest vegetation gradually to flora of mining-tundra belt.

Not far from the botanical garden there is a local pride - «Snow village». It is a unique work can't be found anywhere else. It is located behind the health resort «Tirvas», and renewed each year. As new snow appears, skillful masters start its work. And some time later you can see a real snow kingdom. Each year it is something new following some special idea. Magic fairytale made of snow will leave an unforgettable trace in the hearts both of adults and children, constant renewal of interior of this wonderful village will make you come back next year again.

The Khibiny mountains are beautiful and interesting, but walking about adjacent towns is no less fascinating. In order to change the surroundings it would be useful to do sightseeing of Apatity and Kirovsk, get acquainted with the history and culture of the severe northern land.

The mono-employer of these two towns and villages like Titan and Koashva are «Apatit» JSC that includes four mines - Kirovsky, Rasvumchorr, Tsentralny and Vostochny, as well as apatite-nepheline processing plants, ANOF-2 located in Apatity and ANOF-3 located near village Titan. «Apatit» JSC is specialized in mining and processing of apatite-nepheline ores.

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