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Sightseeing in Apatity

In the very center of the Kola peninsula, in the southern part of the Khibiny mountains there are two small but beautiful towns - Apatity and Kirovsk. Being established in the last century the first settlements were located near apatite and nepheline ore deposits. The first settlers were miners. And till now mining is the major employer for the population here. The main point of interest of surroundings are the Khibiny mountains. Tourists will find entertainment in towns by studying the local history and culture.

Sightseeing in Apatity

One of the peculiarities of Apatity town located on Imandra lake shore is developed research base for studies in different science fields. In the Kola Science Center RAS there is a Museum of Geology and Mineralogy located in Fersman street, 16, that contains hundreds of minerals mined in the Khibiny, including unique ones, the only found on the whole earth. Among them is a scarlet eudialite - known among people as «Lappish blood» and astrophyllite - with bright golden veins like sun beams, rare earth gifts. Some rocks of the Khibiny mountains are presented in the Geological park near Academic town. Here is a monument to academician Fersman, a famous researcher of the Kola peninsula and, in particular, the Khibiny massif.

The history of the town and mining industry can be studied in the Museum-archive of the history of study and exploration of the European North situated in 16a Fersman street. There are first photos of the area and diaries of the scientists exploring the Khibiny.

In the Museum of the international cultural center at Kola Science Center tourists can get acquainted not only with the history of Apatit mining company but everyday life of the indigenous people - Saami.

Magnificent landscapes of the Khibiny and other artists of the Kola land are exhibited in the «M» Art Gallery in Apatity. Children's crafts are of great importance in the town. Works of the young talents can be seen in «Kovcheg» Art Gallery.

It is nice just to walk about the town. By location the town shapes almost perfect circle with two micro residential areas - «Old Apatity» in the west, being a gateway to Apatity and «Sidorenko» area in the east with a road to airport Khibiny. The town is small itself, from the north to the south it is a couple of kilometers, from the west to the east is about five kilometers including both two micro residential areas.

In Apatity, in Fersman street, 45 there is a trade and exhibition center «Salma-Art» where one can buy souvenirs made of the Khibiny minerals and become familiar to local cultural life. On the opposite side, when you cross the street there is a cafe «Schastye» (Happiness).


Every February in the Palace of Culture named after Yegorov located in Lenin street 24 takes place an annual exhibition and fair «Stone flower». The exhibition strikes by many hand-made items out of stones, from rings and earrings made of stones, jewel boxes, lamp stands and candlesticks, and many others. It is just worth seeing it.

In the center of the town one can attend cinema hall «Polyarny» located in Lenin Square. Nearby there is a park. In summer along the sidewalk rosehip bushes and lilac are growing and attracting citizens by aroma. On the right side there is a Great War Memorial 1941-1945.

Academic town is a popular venue for young people. Hand-made beauty of students micro residential area is full of freshness and happiness reminding joy of bygone times.

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