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Rivers of Khibiny

Rivers of the Khibiny tundra

Rivers of Khibiny The major part of the tundra rivers can be nominally divided into lowland rivers and mountain rivers. For lowland rivers are characterized by small gradient, lake-like openings, river reaches and stepped sites, rifts. Due to great amount of lakes of different size some ...
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Belaya river

Belaya river Belaya river is located near southern foot of the Khibiny rock massif and it is an affluent of Imandra lake. River begins at elevation 312 meters above the sea level in Bolshoi Vud’javr lake. Belaya river length is 24 kilometers ...
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Vuonnemjok and Umbolka rivers

Vuonnemjok and Umbolka rivers Umbolka headwater begins in the west slope of Koashva mountain at height of more than 600 meters above the sea level and flows in southern direction. To the east of road junction to settlements Koashva and Oktyabr’sky ...
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Aikuaivenjok river

Aikuaivenjok river Aikuaivenjok river rises from two riverheads in the southern slope of Aikuaivenchorr mountain at height of 800 meters above the sea level. Its length reaches 26 kilometers. Two riverheads, one of them goes along Blue lakes’ gorge ...
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Tul’jok river

Tul’jok river Long and full-flowing river Tul’jok is 26 kilometers long rises in the heart of Khibiny at slope of Kukisvumchorr massif, in its huge cirques. Passing through the forest valley to the east and filling its waters by inflows: Tymshasuaiv and Kaskasnunjok ...
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Kunijok river

Kunijok river Kunijok river rises a little bit to the north of Kukisvumchorr pass and divides the Khibiny massif into western and eastern parts. The river has length of 38.8 kilometers and flows in northern direction and runs into Gol’tsovoye lake ...
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Gol’tsovka river and Chasnajok inflow

Gol’tsovka river and Chasnajok inflow Gol’tsovka river flows in the north-wetsern area of the Khibiny tundra and it is one of basic waterway of it. It’s length is 15 kilometers, width- up to 25 meters, depth is 0.7 meter. Gol’tsovka rises from Khibinpakhkchorr pass where Fersman ...
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Maival’tajok river

Waterfall at Mount Partomchorr Maival’tajok river is located in the north-east of the Khibiny tundra. According to indigenous people Saami language it means «River of beaver’s homes». Sometimes one comes across changes name as Man’van’tan’jok. The rive rises near Partomchorr mountain ...
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