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Risyok River - Southern Rischorr Pass and Marchenko Peak

Route 14

It is one of the most Khibiny-picturesque routes. Start it from the «Kuelporr» hotel along the Risyok River. Not far from its flowing into the Kuniyok River there is one of the most splendid waterfalls in the Khibiny mountains. The path goes on along the Risyok River and reaches the Southern Rischorr Pass - 896 m. Here you should climb up a steep slope to the plateau and go out to the Marchenko Peak - 1032 m, wherefrom you may enjoy the nice view of the carried route along the Risyok River Valley.

Risyok River Valley, Southern Rischorr Pass and Marchenko Peak

Then you should go down to a saddle in direction of the Kuelporr Мountains You may easily go down the slope from here to the familiar path in the Risyok River Valley and go back to the «Kuelporr» hotel.

A stop in the saddle between the Marchenko Peak and Kuelporr Мountains is worth making not only to take pictures of the landscape, but to look for minerals. Ditches indicate the places of traditional prospects. One hour of work may result in finding very good samples of eudialytes and, if you are lucky, zircons. Astrophyllites and narolites fairly good for private collections were found in taluses. There is a deposit of apatite-nepheline ores in the Kuelporr Мountains In 1972 and 1984 underground nuclear explosions under the code names of Dnepr-1 and Dnepr-2 were carried out here. More information about them can be found online. The current radiation level in the natural surroundings is normal.

Pay attention. The route has no dangerous places. Just follow the safety measures of keeping away from steeps when observing the waterfall, since stones are wet and slippery; being careful at the talus slopes; using protective glasses while prospecting for minerals and hammering. Take drink water with you, since there are no sources on the Plateau.

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