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Yaurens recreation camp

Those who dream to combine both comfort vacation and mediation over the mysterious beauty of Imandra lake shall certainly stay at «Yaurens» recreation camp located 11 kilometers from Apatity. Complex of small but cosy cottages situated on the shore of the twinkling lake will allow enjoying precious minutes of silence, calm and close unity with nature. Being surrounded by dense vegetation, «Yaurens» recreation camp reminds a fairytale world, once you enter it you will lose the sense of time.

Yaurens recreation camp

The only thing that reminds about civilization is a comfortable infrastructure of the area with own parking area, nice sandy beach, spacious sport ground, burny bath and sauna and carefully arranged summer houses.

«Yaurens» recreation camp includes four homey cottages that can be rent as per day till the whole season. Standard layout of one-storeyed buildings implies its own kitchen and bedroom for 4 persons.

The fifth premium cottage is a two-storeyed one, it has events hall for 35 persons, magnificent fireplace and splendid bar on the ground floor and roomy kitchen and high quality sauna, good WC and two separate bedrooms on the second floor. All year round accommodation here will allow to spend a fine time both by groups of 4-8 persons and as individual rent.

This cottage can host a company of 8 persons. Family trip, corporate company, wedding festivities or vacation with friends - rent a «Yaurens» recreation camp and you will get a bundle of memories and exciting emotions.

Recreation camp «Yaurens» can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Three», reception phone: +7-921-512-44-20

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Apatity.

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