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Recreation camps Apatity

Recreation camps located in the wonderful Imandra lake shore are of great attention. Like a chain these camps are situated not far away from Apatity but away from urban noise and dust to provide completely pure forest air and enjoying the unique beauty of the charming Kola North.

The only disadvantage, but in fact - advantage of it, is remote location from settlements. And do you really need to travel to town if you have a chance to spend great time fishing and relaxing?

Recreation camps location in Apatity and how to get to it you will find in Yandex interactive map, all recreation camps are numbered. More details see on the map by following the link to Yandex map of Apatity.

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Apatity.

Berloga guest house

Berloga guest house One can spend quiet time without daily routine and problems in the guest house «Berloga» being located 25 km from Apatity in Kislaya Bay. Out of the town and travelling by highway to Saint-Petersburg you will see a magnificent guest house. It is here you will find peace ...
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Ekostrovskaya recreation camp

Ekostrovskaya recreation camp The new recreation camp Ekostrovskaya is located on the lakeshore of Imandra. A unique combination of primary nature and cozy atmosphere of cottages including all amenities - all will leave sweet memories. Good location of the camp, only 2 km away from the road R-21 ...
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Lesnaya recreation camp

Lesnaya recreation camp «Lesnaya» recreation camp is located 7.5 kilometers away from Apatity on the shore of Imandra lake. If compare to other camps nearby, «Lesnaya» recreation camp is two kilometers from the highway being far away from the road noise. Adjacent it there are garden and ...
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Rus recreation camp

Rus recreation camp Forest branch of the town hotel «Izovela» is a recreation camp «Rus’». Passing the Ekostrovsky bridge in the direction to Apatity you will certainly see it on the left side of the road. Friendly and cozy it always welcomes any visitors in any time of the year. Magic view from ...
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Three pine trees recreation camp

Three pine trees recreation camp Health resort «Tirvas» takes case of its guests who dream to relax in the country and proposes its own recreation camp «Three pine trees» located 9 kilometers from Apatity. You take drive on your car as it is a good free parking area there. Away from the town noise and close ...
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Yaurens recreation camp

Yaurens recreation camp Those who dream to combine both comfort vacation and mediation over the mysterious beauty of Imandra lake shall certainly stay at «Yaurens» recreation camp located 11 kilometers from Apatity. Complex of small but cosy cottages situated on the shore ...
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