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Lesnaya recreation camp

«Lesnaya» recreation camp is located 7.5 kilometers away from Apatity on the shore of Imandra lake. If compare to other camps nearby, «Lesnaya» recreation camp is two kilometers from the highway being far away from the road noise. Adjacent it there are garden and vegetable allotments of Apatity town dwellers, you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables here.

There are three detached houses - one with three bedrooms, another one with two bedrooms and one house with two bedrooms and sauna are offered to guests and holiday-maker. To make it cozy as best one can, it is furnished by sofa set and home-like decoration.

Lesnaya recreation camp

In the kitchen you will find kettle, microwave and fridge. Each cottage has flat-screen TV set, free Wi-Fi and cable channels. Guests can prepare favorite food in the kitchen as well as prepare barbecue and kebab.

For non-smokers «Lesnaya» recreation camp provides an ideal place for holiday as there are no smoking rooms in the camp area, but only fresh and clean air on Imandra lake shore, fishing for enthusiasts, hiking, bicycling and sauna.

The distance between «Lesnaya» recreation camp and railway station of Apatity is 7.5 kilometers, to «Khibiny» airport it is 23 kilometers, to international airport in Murmansk - 187 kilometers.

«Lesnaya» recreation camp can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Six», reception phone: +7-815-31-3-31-00

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