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Berloga guest house

One can spend quiet time without daily routine and problems in the guest house «Berloga» being located 25 km from Apatity in Kislaya Bay. Out of the town and travelling by highway to Saint-Petersburg you will see a magnificent guest house. It is here you will find peace of mind. Fresh air, breath-taking silence and beauty of nature - it is all you need to be happy!

Berloga guest house

Two one-storeyed and one two-storeyed cottages are at your service, and Saami dwelling for tourists, birch-wood baths on Imandra lake shore and cafe «Berloga». During winter you can experience riding on snowmobiles and inflatable sledge, ice-fishing.

Guest house «Berloga» provides for rest and walks about wonderful land of the Kola Peninsula at any time of the year. Skiing, skating or sledging is not the only fun here. Three friendly cottages with a nice cafe are always ready to make your staying here a fairy-tale.

Guest house «Berloga» can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «One», reception phone: +7-921-628-65-53

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Apatity.

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