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Ramsay Gorge and Malaya Belaya River Valley

Route 6

The route to the Ramsay Gorge is one of the most popular among the local people. In the 1920’s, Alexander Fersman’s geological expeditions used it to deliver loads from the railway to the central part of the Khibiny. It takes the start from the memorial to the Khibiny Mountain Station «Tietta» and then goes northwards on a good path along the Poachvumchorr Ridge that towers on the right and the twisting Poachyok River, flowing southwards to the Maly Vudyavr Lake.

Ramsay Gorge and Malaya Belaya River Valley

In the middle course of the river, there is the low but picturesque two-cascade B.M. Kupletsky Waterfall, which was named after a Soviet geologist and pioneer researcher of the Khibiny. In the river-bed you may find bright Khibiny minerals and rocks - astrophyllite, lamprophyllite, eudialyte, green and black aegirines, tinguaite, etc, washed down the valley edges by melt waters. In its upper course the river takes a sharp bend to the left, taking you to the W. Ramsay Gorge, named after the well-known Finnish researcher. A memorial desk stating that was established on the left wall in 1997.

There is a nice view from the gorge to the valley of the Malaya Belaya River flowing westwards to the Lake Imandra. Not far from its mouth there is the «Khibiny» railway station. The path from the gorge to the station is good and follows the river, crossing it and tributaries and gently descending. The landscape is beautiful. You may leave from the «Khibiny» station to Apatity by train, then from the station to Kirovsk by bus. Please take note of the lack of trains at the «Khibiny» station and the frequent changes of schedules. Therefore, provided that physical and weather conditions allow, it is safer to hike back from the Ramsay Gorge to Kirovsk.

Pay attention. The route to the Ramsay Gorge is popular in winter and summer. There is a risk of avalanche in the Poachvumchorr Ridge slopes in winter, where fatalities have occurred. Check the train schedule before going to the «Khibiny» station. There are no shops in the station settlement, even for food. Ask the locals for help in case of bad weather.

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