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Preparation to camp trip in mountains

Camp trip to mountains is a serious and important point. Leave you «rose-tinted glasses» on the shelf and be thoroughly prepared for planning of the coming event. Naturally, one can’t predict all the difficulties to be faced. However, proper distribution of duties, careful investigation of the route and prearrangement will be a good base for successful trip.

Preparation to camp trip in mountains

Good company for a trip

The first and foremost is to pick a team where each person is psychologically matching to each other. In this case sex and age don’t matter. The optimum variant is a team consisting of friends or close acquaintances. Knowing each other in challenging situation, to be able to predict the behavior of your companion and properly resolve the conflicts in a trip are very important.

The man can change under extreme conditions. This refers to mental state. Unsettled conflicts, polar opposite opinions of camp trip participants can lead to both reason for «hostility» and, in particular cases, to accidents.

Number of participants is determined by group leader. Perfect camp trip group is a team of 4-8 physically trained persons. Being not overbusy and capable to take all the necessary staff tourists create the basis for successful and unforgettable trip.

Distribution of roles before the trip

It is very important to distribute the roles. As a rule, assigning the leader of coming trip is the first to decide. Experience, age, physical endurance does not matter in this case. The leader is a person who was voted for by the majority.

The main responsibilities of the leader are the following:

• planning the route of the forthcoming trip

• taking care of preparing the necessary outfit, medicine and food

• taking responsibility of decisions during the trip along the planned route

In some cases the leader can rely on the opinions of the majority however, it is leader who will take the final decision. Besides the leader, the roles of supply manager (responsible for vital provision distribution), doctor, repair man and «chronographer» (responsible for trip log and photo/video) are divided between the participants of camp trip. Although the trip can take less than 4 days and does not require such a serious approach to role distribution, however, it will make easier team staying in mountains.

Route planning: discussion with participants

It is essential to discuss the forthcoming route. It is impossible just blindly to dumb with finger the way. Discussing the route means consider the weather and natural conditions, orienting point as a target for a group, accounting for physical capabilities of the participants and some other factors that can introduce changes to accepted decisions.

It is natural that amateur traveler chooses specially marked route of low degree of complexity. Gradual adaptation and advancing the level will be a good basis for building a good extreme enthusiast. Estimated velocity of group will depend on velocity of the most slow speed participant. For beginners the best option is 15 km per day of 4-days trip and 10 km per day if the trip is longer. To be on the safe side, it is necessary to explore the map carefully and have several routes. Nobody knows what could be behind the boulder.

Immunity improvement before trip to mountains

Experienced amateurs start to prepare for mountain hiking long before the trip. Immunity is very important and necessary under extreme conditions. That is why it is a must no later than in a month one has to do «pull-up» - drink coneflower liqueur, eat healthy food, sleep well, prevent any hypothermia.

Fresh onion and garlic, maximum liquids (tea with lemon, honey or chamomile), hot food - all this is a basis for strong immunity able to keep the organism against negative impact of environment. In addition, one has to take vitamins. But one should remember that bioactive additions are not the case for immunity improvement.

Endurance development before trip to mountains

Besides immunity improvement one should care of endurance development. Many people are under the illusion that to go for mountain trip is only a wish. It is fundamentally wrong! Some enthusiasts go to mountains but in some time fall out of the race being incapable to continue. In this case it is perfect to train the body and develop endurance at early stages of preparation to trip.

Being very high it may result in oxygen deficit. Persons that are not physically trained start to feel oxygen starvation and in reflex increase number of hearbeats. This means that it influence heart as it works harder. Soon untrained person begins to feel tired and fatigue, and refuse to go on. The only way out is to pay great attention to cardio exercises before trip. Being stress-resistant, it will work ok in the mountains conditions and won’t do any harm or inconvenience to traveler.

Therefore, being prepared for trip is a very important and necessary component that will make easier the planned route and increase the chances for successful passing.

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