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Saami characteristics

Interesting and unique folk lives in the faraway snow-covered Lapland called the Laplands or the Saami. They can be easily recognized by relatively small height I comparison to other northern people. Isaak Vossius took a shot at this folk. He described the Saami as not tall people with awkward constitution bearing a heavy cross due to this. However, taken the actual facts one can dispute this point. Physically challenged people can hardly do the work that the Saami do every day.

Saami characteristics

Olaus Magnus was of absolutely different opinion about the Saami, to be precise, about their females. He considered them beautiful and teeming. The point is that Saami girls have a whiteness of face and vigorous blush.

Such a dividing of the Saami to «beautiful ones and not beautiful ones» is quite apparent: females are more «serious» in taking care of outlook rather than male. Therefore, Saami men do not care so much about their appearance and are more hard-boiled. And this is due to such factors as unfavorable weather and cold, inability and unwillingness to protect their skin from disturbance, smoky atmosphere of the dwellings. It is true that women come across such factors rarely.

Being not tall is not the only feature of the Saami. They are quite slim and to find a fat Saami is a difficult task. And this is due to minimum salt consumption.

All described above gives a general description of the Saami, and as for their appearance it is as follows: big head, flat forehead, sunken eyes as blue as lakes, short flat nose, prominent parted lips. Facial hair is black, short, straight, thinny and there is a beard. They have wide chest, quite a big belly, slim hips. Pavel Iovius in addition noted incredible agility of run, strength and might.

One should be fully confirmed that there are no other folks that can be compared to the Saami in climbing on unapproachable rocks and high trees and they run as young gazelle. Agility, foxerity and swiftness - it’s their cup of tea.

This is physiology of the Saami, but what about their mental capacity? First of all, the environment they live has a great influence - thick wood, wild animals contribute to unsociability. Their place of residence characterizes the studied folk as coward people, escaping from any military collisions. That is why there is no representative of the Saami in Swedish army.

In case they are deprived of their habitat the Saami became helpless facing the new environment without raw meat and dried fish. They fade away and revive only by returning to their «small motherland».

Chicken-heart and shyness of the Saami is supported by incredible suspicion to everything. It is funny but this quality can lead to bad behavior to any person that can be a source of trouble. And it doesn’t matter if it is true or not. All this resulted in magic and spell that every day made against enemies.

Cunning is very often among the Saami. It is likely a protection reaction appeared due to previous deceit. However, at present it seems to be inherited by blood. Cunning of the Saami gradually transforms to sarcasm. This was recognized by Samuel Rein who paid attention to malevolence and mockery over man who was once deceived by them.

The fear of poverty makes the Saami greed. Malnutrition and gloomy atmosphere both inside and outside of their dwelling lead to indolence and negligence. Each day they start working as under pressure. And it is only in case of necessity. Otherwise they stay home and wait for the sun to shine. It refers to any work - either hunting or fishing.

Samuel Rein indicated above ascribed the Saami as voluptuous. Lack of meal or essentials does not influence on their sensuality. They enjoy giving birth to posterity and have no restrictions in number of children to have in the family. Later they live as big families without limitations by sex and age factors.

It’s all about bad qualities. The Saami are notable for good ones as well. So, Vexionius had found that they were faithful. Marriage for them is a sacred thing; it is considered a sin to violate it. This feature can be envied by other folks.

Other important quality is honesty. The Saami can’t steal. It is unacceptable. Therefore, they are open in their activities and don’t fear sticky fingered neighbors.

The Saami are very hospitable. They are helpful to any stranger or beggar who tries to find a refuge in the land. In spite of scare meal and living conditions they can invite a stranger to have meals for a long time. All these can be said in relation to outlanders.

These are the few positive features of the Saami although valuable and important but practically faded against all negative features. One has to pay tribute to other northern folks who in comparison to the Saami are more civilized and well-bred. However, the Saami are neat. Being clean and neat and constantly wash face and hands is their religion.

As for intellectual abilities of the Saami. This folk is one that provides themselves with everything necessary. All they usually have - clothes, footwear, houseware, work tools are all exclusive and hand-made. As for meals - the basic food is the result of their hunting, fishing and other activities.

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