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Northern and Southern Rischorr

Route 15

The route starts from the Kuelporr hotel and follows the Risyok River. Having observed a picturesque waterfall, you should hike along the river to its first tributary, flowing from the Northern Rischorr Pass - 900 m. Passing the slope, you may see a drilling platform, the relic of the active geological development of the Khibiny in the 1950’s. In outcrops and boulders you will come across pegmatite veins with major exhalations of eudialyte, aegirineand feldspar, traces of spring mudflows, deep cracks full of last-year snow.

Northern and Southern Rischorr

Going up the Pass is not long, crossing firn basins is not dangerous. There is a nice view of the valley of the Kaskasnyunyok River flowing into the Tulyok River that flows to the Tulyilukht Gulf of the Umbozero Lake, with the Lovozero Tundras on the horizon.

Right behind the Pass the road turns right and rounds the Kaskasnyunchorr Мountains, first on a stony talus, then on a turf soil. This part of the route has no extraordinary natural attractions, but the views are fantastic. The path is almost horizontal, becoming a little bit steeper before the very foothill of the Southern Rischorr. After some rest at the Pass, depending on the weather and time possessed, the route may be followed in two ways, either down the Risyok River Valley, or up the plateau across the Marchenko Peak (Route 14).

Pay attention. Studying deep cracks near the Southern Rischorr Pass, you should mind falling rocks andsteep walls. Take water with you, for in hot summer water basins dry up. All along the route you will find no firewood. Take a portable primus stove with you for cooking and getting warm.

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