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Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr lakes

Few people know that in the center of the Kola peninsula, in southern part of charming Khibiny tundra there is a proud of the Khibiny land - Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr lakes. Undivided like mother and baby, lakes are joined together by Vud’javrjok river. Name of the lake «Vud’javr» from saami language means «mountain lake». Wonderful city of Kirovsk and Kukisvumchorr village settled on the bank. With a rounded shape with indented coast, Big Wood area covers 3.6 kilometers, and its depth in some places reaches 40 meters. This is truly the largest lake in Khibiny tundra. Its long existence it must rain and snow.

Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr lakes

Trying to find more, one can learn: the root of the word in Saami language has two meanings as follows:

«Vud» - «hill covered by bush vegetation»

«Vyed» - «top scattered by rare vegetation»

Therefore the name can be literally translated as «Lake near covered by bushes hill - mountain top».

Bolshoi Vud’javr previously named Vediozero is located in magnificent mountains with one of the highest mountain tops of the Khibiny - Vud’javrchorr mount. To be more precise, one can find it between the ridges Takhtarvumchorr and Poachvumchorr. Fascinating town Kirovsk and settlement Kukisvumchor are located on its shore. Having round shape with rugged shore, Bolshoi Vud’javr has an area of 3.6 kilometer, depth in some places can reach 40 meters. It is truly one of the largest lakes of the Khibiny tundra. Its long existence is possible due to rain and snow.

As for Bolshoi Vud’javr this lake is a source of water supply for surroundings, both for drinking and fishing.

People call Maly Vud’javr «Pearl of the Khibiny», it is characterized by crescent shape. Maximum depth of the lake does not exceed 10 meters, area is 1.5 kilometers. Getting to Kukisvumchorr rock massif, you will certainly find the lake at its foot. On the north the lake is rimmed by earth road that leads to upper reaches of Poachvumjok brook, in the south abd south-east of Maly Vud’javr there is a forest tundra with magnificent landscapes. It is a perfect place for camping. You will get unforgettable impressions!

Not far from the lake, moving towards the north, one can come across the historical destination Tietta, it is here where the first geological bases were established in 1930 for geological expedition of Aleksander Fersman and Polar Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

The following Khibiny passes are located nearby: Geographers’ pass, Bezymyanny, Ramzay gorge and Kukisvum pass.

Maly Vud’javr is really heavenly at any time of the year. The surrounding area is unique, peculiar of funny «dancing» birch wood with deadly grown huge boulders scattered here long ago from adjacent mountain slopes. The most of Maly Vud’javr valley, in direct and figurative sense, is sunk in sedge moor.

Admiring the beauties of Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr lakes, visit to the most northern botanical garden of Russia can be left for future; it is located to the north of Bolshoi Vud’javr, during summer time it is possible to pick up red berry, cranberry, cloudberry and mushrooms.

On the top of the page is interactive map of Bolshoi Vud’javr lake, more details can be found of Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr lakes Google Web search system.

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