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Maival’tajok river

Maival’tajok river is located in the north-east of the Khibiny tundra. According to indigenous people Saami language it means «River of beaver’s homes». Sometimes one comes across changes name as Man’van’tan’jok. The rive rises near Partomchorr mountain where brooks form Maival’tajok. It has north-western direction and passes along shallow forest0free valley; in the south it borders to Partomchorr mountain, in the north it leans on Lyavochorr rock massif leading to Suoluaiv pass.

Waterfall at Mount Partomchorr

Several brooks from Lyavochorr mountain flow into upper flow of Maival’tajok river. Thus it increases water level here. One more inflow is a brook that flows from Suoluaiv pass. Then river passes the valley where sharp changes in height are observed thus increasing velocity of the flow. Flatland is located higher than inflow changes to forest. This site of Maival’tajok is often crossed by tourists that lead their way from Kaskasnyunjok river to Kal’jok. The latter is located behind Suoluaiv and Namuaiv passes.

Earlier in his expeditions river Kalok sought and Alexander Fersman, who enjoyed cards William Ramsay, where instead of the pass has been drawn river North Kalyok, possibly as a result of this error, the place on the map marked by the river was named Kalyok pass Obmanny - deception.

It should be noted that the road indicated on the kilometer-grid map does not exist as it is a ski-route. Therefore, it can’t be found during summer season. Azimuth-line route till eastern slope of Partomchorr, slow ascending and going round it - is correct. Forest area here is common therefore it will be easy to move forward. Some difficulties can occur due to swift river current at midstream of Maival’tajok river where its width is 10-15 meters, depth of knee-high. Water height is so high that it is possible to fall. But to get on ones legs will be almost impossible. So, while crossing this place one should take a strong lifeline.

One can cross the river a little bit higher, in the area where May river and Suoluaiv brook join. Although the river here is wide but the depth is less, the current is slow and there are several islands. Therefore, it will be easier to cross the river here but some difficulties are violent current of water along the left riverbank and depth of up to 1 meter. Upper part of Maival’tajok is shallow and easy to cross.

Passing the mountains and getting around of Vostochny Partomchorr, the river changes its direction from western-northern to south-eastern. The current is lower here and noise of water is hardly heard in rifts. The river is surrounded by forests. It is likely that beavers inhabited here previously, that’s why it is given name of Maival’tajok. Downstream is peculiar of marshy areas. At the end the river flows into the Bay of Umbozero Lake named Tul’ilukht.

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