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Location of the Khibiny

The Khibiny is the treasury of the Kola North. Mountains rise in the center of the peninsula where the wonderful view opens to all directions. The major part of the year snow-capped peaks are hidden in the foggy mist and grey clouds. Mountains are beautiful in summer and in winter. In spite of the harsh climate, mountains are the real Mecca for tourists all over Russia. Wild romance of the rocky peaks and deep ravines attracts travelers the whole year round.

Summer in the Khibiny

The Khibiny by shape looks like two curve horseshoes, one inside another. Cold and barren hills give place to friendly and full of life river valleys. Mountain lakes are the favorite place for picnics. Slopes and gorges are full of intertwisting tourist tracks. During winter season skiers and snowboarders like small dark spots going to and fro against the snow-white cover. Adventure travelers can enjoy downhill ski resorts with highly varied ski trails.

The Khibiny is a good pastime both in summer and winter. Therefore, holidaymakers are constantly arriving all year round. Here there is fun for all. Beauty of the mountains will touch feelings of everyone, even those who take it with a grain of salt.

How to get directions

Those who love travelling by car will easily get to the Khibiny. In winter it is necessary to have snow studded tyres, as ice crust often occurs here, and anti-icer for locks as any winter sunny day can change to frost of 30 grades below zero at night. If you travel in summer, don’t get too excited: bright and warm day can change to rainy and cold autumn in a couple of hours – that’s quite a northern weather! Moreover, weather in Kirovsk and Apatity can vary for the rain and wind in summer and sunshine and snowstorm in winter.

First, one have to come to town Apatity, named after mineral that is produced here, then one have to go to town Kirovsk for about 17 kilometers; before entering Apatity at first crossroads you will see the sign indicating that Kirovsk is located to the left. It is not possible to get lost, Apatity is very convenient town in terms of automobile roads, even if you miss the turn, you will certainly find another one in five hundred meters.

Tourists who for some reason or another choose travelling by train along the Oktyabrskaya railway will enjoy the local nature long before arriving to Apatity. Passing through Karelia you will see the difference between southern and northern nature.

In order to get to Apatity, one can catch any train till destination of Murmansk with a stop in Apatity for 8-10 minutes. Trip from Moscow by high-speed train or passenger train will take about one and a half day. The train arrives to Apatity early in the morning, so the half of the trip you will have a good sleep. During the year trains are regularly arriving to Apatity from Leningradsky railway station in Moscow and Ladozhsky railway station in Saint-Petersburg as well as from Velikiye Luki, Vologda and Minsk. During summer there are seasonal trains from Simferopol, Adler, Novorosiysk and Astrakhan’.

One can get to Apatity by plane but then you will not have a chance to observe the gradual change of nature and climate. Travelers have two options: take flight to Murmansk and then take a bus that seems to be folly as it is more than 20 kilometers from airport of Murmansk to railway station and bus station. And then 200 more kilometers to get Apatity! or to take a direct flight from Moscow to Apatity. Air transport directly to Apatity is non-scheduled, in Murmansk planes primarily land at night.

One can get to Kirovsk from Apaity by bus or shuttle bus. The bus №131 comes from Apatity railway to Kirovsk but not often. There is a bus № 8 that goes around Apatity town but it will be more convenient to take a taxi till stop «Pirozhkovaya» to change for bus to Kirovsk; it will cost about one hundred rubles or take a taxi directly to Kirovsk for about six hundred roubles. Shuttle bus and regular buses go to Kirovsk from «Pirozhkovaya» stop.

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